Gin & Jonnie Gastro Gin 70cl

When 2 companies with shared passions about ingredients meet, beautiful things happen. In a joint effort to create the perfect gin we set out with awarded chef Jonnie Boer from Restaurant de Librije on a flavour mission.
Gastrogin is the result of a year testing, tasting and searching for the perfect ingredients to match Jonnie’s kitchen and our distilling skills.
The result is a mix of 4 groups of ingredients; The gin-botanicals; every herb, root and berry you need to make gin.
Citrus: Ruby Grapefruit, Amalfi lemon, Lemon Verbena and Portuguese oranges
Fennel: The seeds and the blossom (Which is extremely rare to find)
and Peppers: 5 exotic pepper types found all over the globe, from the exclusive Sichuan to the tasteful Jamaica Pimiento, Madagascar Voatsiperifery and Sarawak from Borneo, not to forget the Long Pepper of course.

The flavour is citrus at the start, directly followed by pepper. The aftertaste will leave you with a mouthful of sweet fennels.


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